Cricket: West Indies bowler Shannon Gabriel apologizes, confesses all on homophobic sledge to England’s Joe Root

West Indies bowler Shannon Gabriel has apologized for his homophobic sledge amid the St Lucia test against England.

This comes after England skipper Joe Root was gotten on a communicate feed saying to Gabriel: “Don’t utilize it as an affront. There’s nothing amiss with being gay.”

The first remark by Gabriel couldn’t be heard on the clasp posted by British supporter Sky Sports.

In a composed articulation, Gabriel uncovered his record of the discussion that occurred among him and Root.

“I think I owe it to them (companions and well-wishers) and to all supporters of West Indies cricket to give an exact record of what occurred,” he wrote in the announcement.

“The trade happened amid a strained minute on the field. The weight was on and England’s skipper Joe Root was taking a gander at me seriously as I arranged to bowl, which may have been the standard mental methodology with which all Test cricketers are recognizable.

“I perceive since I was endeavoring to get through my very own strain when I said to Joe Root: ‘For what reason would you say you are grinning at me? Do you like young men?’

“His reaction, which was grabbed by the receiver, was: ‘Don’t utilize it as an affront. There’s nothing amiss with being gay.’ I at that point reacted: ‘I have no issues with that, yet you should quit grinning at me.'”

The West Indies star was accused of “individual maltreatment” under the ICC’s Code of Conduct.

The ICC says Gabriel confessed to charge, where he was given a four-coordinate boycott and fined 75 percent of his match expense.

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Gabriel considered the scene a learning knowledge for himself.

“Joe Root and I have since spoken and I am console by the way that there are no hard sentiments between us,” he included.

“I think any reasonable person would agree that neither of us at any point anticipated that the issue should heighten to the point that it has. In any case, I hold onto this as a learning knowledge and as an open door for myself and all competitors to perceive the requirement for affectability and appreciation in their cooperations with all.”

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