Channel nine commentators show their dreams of their dreams with microphone

Everyone has said that he is sorry, because he first spoke and thought again. Luckily most of us, these caves millions are not impossible in millions of Australian living room.

Observers do not enjoy the same luxury. A little slip in the language, raw joke, called cuff or an orthar, when you thought that microphone office is a nightclub of every collar.

Channel 9 inauguration after Ashes failed

A few days away with the first Ashes Test in the Caribbean, the country’s houses will soon be filled with Ian Heli’s familiar voices, which include the description of vitamin acidity, the captain’s horrible field targets and the buzzing of Bill Lari. Ian Chapel told him. Yes! “Above her lungs. was caught up with the Channel’s Observer Team’s Observer Team, at the beginning of the game Ashes at North Sydney Oval to discuss the box, dreams of troubled colleagues, at the beginning of World Ases. How difficult and course makes, Richie Bondon.

Marks Nicole
What is your angry moment in the comment box?

“In the early days there was a game (2004) when we wrote in New Zealand’s follow-up series and needed 13 runs, and we were talking about Bonus point and the fact is that one day cricket was struggling. And after not enough enough, New Zealand converted it to the last ball game and won it. We were asked by three Carry Packer – Me, Mark Taylor and Ianna Holi and we sat in his office. And he basically said, “The game tiles are not over, son! I can not use the language (packer is used) but that’s not the conversation. It was us. He found us. He thought he was healing and healing, ‘I was not even here!’ He said, ‘You were!’ It was mine, its point was, it was a great point, the trade network, as we are selling cricket games and we are selling ourselves. And if you declare something before this Some of your viewers will be closed, especially if you do not know more about the game. And the fact is that you were wrong, it was an extraordinary game and it went to the last ball. So what you do They keep everything alive to you.

What is the biggest insects?
“Warranty … he’s not an insect. He eats the chips of the breakfast for breakfast. Warranty is only vendor, he is too much, he is hearted, he has two tubes for French floors and breakfast with chicken salt. The basket plate is just different. ”

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What was the first time to comment on people like Richie Bonn, Tony Greg and Bill Lari?
“I was very upset, because Richie said very much that you are saying something exactly because you know what will not be good about it. I commented in the 1996 World Cup with people like Chapel and Greg. It was great for Greg – I was very upset, what did Greg do before the first 10 minutes of the game between India and anyone in Nagpur and he turned to me and said, ‘Mother, are you saying anything?’ And I was getting scared because you want to impress her audience so much and Grace was a powerful force that was easy to fear. A bouquet of bubbles is making the way, making the biggest Mickey. – She’s a lot of fun. ”

Michael SLATER
What is your biggest interpretation moment?

“The biggest moment for me was the first time when I returned from England to Rebecca Bonn in 2000. I was so nervous because it was one of the first signs of my first commentary and this was a great man with Richie Bonnod and you For half an hour and for the first 15 minutes I wanted to say anything. We probably had nothing like five million viewers, but it was not about how many people were listening or watching, because this lady Stent at the end of some things because I thought, okay, I’m here to talk about the game, but I do not know what to do It was running on the bracelet, which allows us (producers and directors) to listen. The truck and I was standing on the other side – it was a loose ear ear and I did not realize it. I was the same. , ‘Oh, before the start of this career’, it comes to mind as a massively misplaced.

Who is the biggest insects in the comment box?
“Warranty (Shenzhen) has made times and funny scenes that are the most disturbing. I remember a few years ago that the Test match was not going too much. Entertainment as well as moments in a test match Tracking and seriousness of moments – but he started talking about his favorite pizza and for a while he really got caught in the pizza and it was very funny. You can find this way, but obviously That cricket will tell stories and it’s exactly the same when we look at this game strategy. ”

What was your biggest explanation wrong?
“My first game was in 1999 and I have information about the weather and earth in Gabba. I was in a swing, right in the Gemba sitting on the terrace and I had to deal with it. For Richie and this is the Australian West Indies There was a 40-year-old anniversary in which mutual test (Brussels, which was played in Bonnod). I said, “Richie, there are situations for this match, it looks great here.” 60 years ago I compare these conditions? And they just went, ‘We will return after breaking’ – he just left it. Then I put my head in the studio and I came back and said, ‘sorry sorry ‘ He said, ‘How old are you, I think I am, ok?’ She was good. ”

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Who’s the worst habits in the box?
“(Michael) Clarke and Warner always want to pick up a GI so they are always thinking cricket and come with it a big discussion on it. It’s just two-match cricket, that cricket Approvals. Where I am going to go for the next eight hours (a comment stunt) or whatever and they always want to do something, they can not sit and sit. Clark can not sit, he arises It’s running around, nervous energy is not recovered, he still can not sit.

“You know that when Chapelly has gone out in his cities (former teams) with Denis Lily or Doug Walter or Road Marsh. On the next day he is very high in the comment box and eats a big cheese block – one of cheese Big block apple. You can tell when it was a big one. ”

What is the largest part of the gig?
“The challenge of interpretation is talking to you and you are thinking about where you are going with these words and at the same time you are listening to your director or producer and you know what to do for the audience. If you are coming, you have to keep with the pictures you need. You consider it very wrong and often say, ‘what’s the word?’ And you think, ‘I did not say this’ and you picked up the things you did not say that you said. I was thinking very much rather than concentrating on the words.

Mark Nicholas:

“Richie has brought down the idea – unless you can not add anything to the picture, do not talk. You had a very different approach to the comment, where did it come from?”

Law: “The fact is that Richie was not saying anything and Kerry (Packer) said, ‘Bloody is good!’ It was not very difficult.

“We got Sydney for an important game and Richie had invited the appeals and his friends tonight, and he was a bit ccc. For the first time it comes, and it is, ‘Welcome to the Sydney Cricket Ground, England The ball has won, Australia is bowling. The ball is one – nothing – the ball two – nothing. The ball three – nothing. The four balls – nothing else, then the phone behind the box rings and only one person (packer) It was on the number. You did not have the phone in your hand. I can not repeat what I said, but he said, ‘It is a commercial television. There is no authority authority over the people there,He could not have said a bloody indication. ‘It was not’ Bloody ‘he said the next ball – nothing. I thought,’ Oh **** ‘. There are two balls to go and the next hair Somebody hit the four and I said, ‘I’ve ever seen that’s four best!’ And I did not talk to her.

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Mark Taylor
What was the most difficult part of going to the commentator?
“When you first start and comment on your former teams, everyone will say that it will be difficult and you think it will not happen, but it is. It is very difficult when you Now I can comment that people respect me and praise but they are not my close companion, I have not stood with them, so I can feel free to become a bit liberal, Be a bit more important, not as I try to be. But that’s why it’s sometimes occurring. When it was Steve and Mark Wah and Ian Hally and even the Shane, when I commented He was still living … although you know that you’ve got time and you think, ‘I hope this does not come back.’ I am not very worried about these days. “

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