Islamabad High Court declared Faizabad a terrorist action

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) issued a “state-of-the-art activity” and “a terrorist act” in the Fijrabad exchange on Friday.

Another show was due to notice that the interior ministry of interior was seen to clean Faizabad’s decision not to implement Faizabad, that Ahsan Iqbal “Court [Islamabad] on the order passed by this court Was stopped from execution. ”

IH Justice Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui further asked, “Why the trial of the court can not start against it, he is directed to attend a person in the next date”.

In his order, Justice Siddiqui said, “It is impossible to honor other judges with honorable judges and names of the High Court”, adding that “involved in Darwin leadership, primary, endangerment of terrorism.” Are there. ”

He also ordered that in the report of the leadership of Raja Zafar ul-Haq, the identity of the people can not be allowed to leave the country.

The judge asks the agencies to support protesters to end the impression

“People who have access to hospitals, lack of business activities, people are being deprived of their right, and a person’s neutral action in favor of independent movement of about two million cities. Cities and passive approaches to anger by the law enforcement agencies [[] include the mistakes of citizens “.

In order, Justice Siddiqui said that faith in the determination of Prophethood of Prophet (SAW) was believed “every Muslim and a few people are not allowed to claim special right to protect it”.

However, the order of the court advised the district administration that if there is any need, do not use “fireworks” during the operation of Safi.

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The court said that in this matter Secretary Secretary has also been instructed “to ensure the production of commission headed by Senator Raja Zafar ul Haq.” This will not make the public till the next hearing.

During the hearing, Lieutenant Colonel Anwaroor Rahim directed the court to interview the Bureau of Investigation (IB) to detect the guidance of movement leader Lobbyee Yaqoobullah who is supporting the protest.

“For our sensitive institutions, it is necessary that to eliminate the impression that [Faizabad is sponsored by intelligence agencies, therefore, the Commander of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) secretary (ISI) ) And DGIB’s history on the next day, “ordered Bench.Zulfiqar Haider, Chief Commissioner of Islamabad Islamabad on Thursday told the court that the Interior Minister had stopped the ICT administration from implementing the court order so that the negotiations continued.

The IHC expressed his surprise and said: “It seems that the federal minister or the Chief Minister may also be admitted to court according to any order, unless there is any response from the Appeal Court.”

The ICHC bench directed the Registrar’s office that Maulanaullah Wadhia and Tehrik-e-Islami (Libra) or Rasool-ul-Islam, instead of applying requests for the afternoon (instead of November) instead of November 2. Raja Zafar ul Haq to ensure responsibility for the amendment to the end of election law.

Earlier, two requests were set to be held on November 9, but in its latest order, Bench said that applications should be heard two days ago due to the sensitivity of the situation.

The bench directed the Registrar’s Office for issuing notice to his lawyer on November 27 and the lawyer. The hearing was adjourned until November 27.

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