Focal point of New Zealand and Wellington shook by early morning seismic tremor

Quite a bit of focal New Zealand has been jarred wakeful by an uproarious tremor that struck in the dead of night.

The shudder, measuring extent 4.1, struck 15km northwest of Wellington soon after 2.30am.

Geonet said the shudder caused light shaking over the area.

More than 2100 individuals announced feeling the shake from as far abroad as Bay of Plenty and Christchurch.

Many living in the Wellington locale portrayed it as an uproarious shudder that could be heard a few seconds previously it struck.

“I was at that point alert working and heard it coming. Thunder at that point shake,” posted Tracy Wellington.

“It was noisy like a truck sitting outside for around 3-4 seconds before the genuine shake,” posted Te Raina Terangikoiaanake.

One individual who was up when it hit watched the ground move like waves.

Others said the shake felt significantly greater than 4.1 as they were out of the blue shocked alert.

“I didn’t think it was light shaking! It was very hard out!” posted Jen Bhati.

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